Born in Sweden. The Ultimate Protection Against Sun, Wind & Cold.

Dermatone has been providing athletes and outdoor enthusiasts the highest quality skin protection since 1981. We live the outdoor life and so we know nature's elements can be harsh and unforgiving. Having the proper skin protection in your gear bag can make the difference between a good day and bad one.

We are committed to technical performance and our formulas have been trusted by adventurers in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, from Mt. Everest to Death Valley. It's no wonder Dermatone products have become standard in expedition packs, ski jackets, life vests, first aid kits, and pockets everywhere.


Our athletes spend every day outside. Dermatone is essential equipment to keep them protected. 

Michael O'Connel, U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team

I'm outside a lot, and Dermatone products are the best for prolonged sun exposure. I've kept a little blue tin of Dermatone in my gear bag since 1983.

Todd Coleman, Avid Outdoorsman and Dermatone Customer since 1983

No matter whether it’s strong wind, uncomfortable dryness or relentless sunshine, the Dermatone SPF30 Lip Balm has your lips covered. The 0.15-ounce tube is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to store in your pocket or backpack when you’re out hiking, kayaking or even just chilling in your yard.

Best For Outdoor Sports, Spy Magazine, June 2020