Dermatone Ambassadors

Our product line-up has been shaped over decades by working with passionate ambassadors of the outdoors.

Jessie Diggins

“Most people see me as a winter athlete, but the fact is I’m training outdoors all year long. From bitter cold to searing heat and everything in between, I’m in it, and I need protection as tough as the elements. That’s why I choose Dermatone all year long.”

Jessie Diggins is the most-decorated U.S. cross-country skier of all time, the first U.S. Gold Medalist in cross-country skiing, a World Champion in cross-country, and a U.S. Ski Team member.


Chris Davenport

“As a professional mountain-sports athlete, I’m outdoors and in the sun for much of the year. Safety is a key priority for me when guiding clients or skiing big lines, but it also means keeping my skin safe from the harsh effects of the sun. I carry Dermatone with me wherever I go, summer or winter.”

Chris Davenport is a two-time World Champion skier and the first person to ski all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks in less than a year. He has numerous first descents of peaks around the world, has guided and skied on Mount Everest, and has been featured in more than 30 ski films by Warren Miller and Matchstick Productions.


Breezy Johnson

“At speeds of over 80 miles per hour, you need to focus on what you’re doing. But at high altitudes and freezing temperatures, you need something to focus on your skin. Dermatone keeps my skin healthy and happy so I can focus on what I love outdoors.”

Breezy Johnson is an Olympian who has stood on the World Cup podium four times, won two national titles, and spent almost a decade on the U.S. Ski Team.


Marcus Caston

"As a professional athlete, I take pride and meticulous care of the equipment. It would be silly to not take the same care of my body. Dermatone protects me from the sun, wind, and cold and everything else the mountain elements can throw at me."

Marcus has been an icon in the skiing world for over a decade. With a style that evokes memories of skiing’s roots, he is known for playful hop turns and clean arcs in just about any snow condition. He’s been featured in eight Warren Miller Films, or you can find him carving it up in his The Return of The Turn Series.


Sarah Hauser

"Windsurfing in waves can sometimes be compared to being thrown in a washing machine. Wiping out is inevitable, it’s a part of the journey if you want to progress. That’s why I need sunscreen that I can trust to stay on and that’s respectful to both the oceans and my body."

Sarah is the Guinness World Record holder for Largest Wave Windsurfed, a 3x overall winner of the International Windsurfing Tour, and 2x Winner of the Aloha Classic, windsurfing's most prestigious contest. She’s also the feature star in the documentary Girl On Wave and a co-founder of Women & Water and the Trashy Selfie Project.


Jaelin Kauf

“Being in the outdoors and on the ski hill it’s really important for me to make sure my skin is protected from all the elements. It’s just as important for me to protect my skin from the sun as it is frost, wind, and snow, and luckily Dermatone's got me covered no matter what weather comes my way.”

Jaelin Kauf is a 2022 Olympic Silver Medalist in freestyle skiing, a 2018 Olympian, and a two-time World Championship medalist. A member of the U.S. Ski Team, she has 16 World Cup podiums, with seven wins, and was a double National Champion in 2019.


Madison Rose Ostergren

“As a fiery red head I know how important it is for me to take care of my skin while in the mountains. As a professional skier, most of my time is spent outdoors. Dermatone is the sunscreen and sun protection I trust and love for all my outdoor adventures. Being a pale and freckled ginger is much easier when I have Dermatone to keep me protected from the sun and elements!”

Madison is a professional big mountain skier and year-round outdoor athlete. She’s been featured in two Warren Miller Films and countless ski and outdoor magazines. Madison has a zest for life that we envy and she inspires people every day to go out and be their own, authentic selfs.


Sam Cohen

“Throughout my career as a professional skier, my disciplines have changed, from full-on freeride competition to mountaineering, climbing, and alpinism. On each adventure, I make sure my pockets and duffels are loaded with Dermatone products. I trust Dermatone to keep my lips and skin safe when traveling across the glacier in some of the most brutal sun and weather conditions on the planet. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Dermatone is the only one that truly works.”

Sam Cohen, son of pro photographer Lee Cohen, is a professional freeskier who grew up in Utah, skiing at Alta. A member of the Scott Sports Freeride Team, he’s starred in a number of epic ski videos.


Julia Kern

"I spend the majority of time outside, whether it is skiing on snow, adventuring in the mountains, or playing in the ocean. I never know what weather elements I am going to face on any given day and that is why I have Dermatone products stashed in every bag and pocket imaginable. No matter the adventure, I know I will have the best protection with me at all times so that I can embrace my environment with healthy and happy skin all day long with no worries."

Julia Kern is a two-time World Championship medalist and World Cup podium finisher, and a current member of the U.S. Ski Team. She is also a year-round adventurer and explorer.


Jimmi Ryan

"As a professional skier specializing in mountaineering, I'm always trying to foresee the obstacles that will prevent success. Dermatone eliminates one of those obstacles and allows me to spend much more time focusing on the task at hand. With enough food, water, and Dermatone, the sky really is the limit."

Jim is a Professional Big Mountain skier that has been featured in many Teton Gravity Research and Warren Miller films and countless ski magazines. He's also an avid hiker, trail runner and mountain biker.


Ed Viesturs

“I won’t climb without it. Dermatone is fantastic. It kept our lips, noses, and cheeks from being windburned and sunburned. With the tremendous amount of sun and wind we get at extreme altitudes, face protection is critical. A great product.”

Ed Viesturs is the only American to have climbed all 14 of the world’s 8,000-plus-meter peaks (over 26,247 feet).

Grant Gunderson

“Ever since my mother put Dermatone on us during ski trips in the early ’80s, it’s been a staple in my ski bag. Very few products have stood the test of time like it has, and to this day a tin of Dermatone still finds a much coveted spot in my camera pack. The natural protection it provides is essential when working in the mountains on a daily basis, year after year.”

Grant Gunderson is a founding editor of The Ski Journal and has published photos in Outside, ESPN, Skiing, Backcountry, and Powder, among others. His iconic images capture the essence of skiing, cycling, travel, and adventure in mountain ranges around the world, from the peaks of Switzerland and Japan to his home turf of Mount Baker, Washington.


Peggy Luce, Stacy Allison, and Geoff Tabin

“I would put on Dermatone and know I was receiving maximum protection. With the intense sun, your product was a skin-saver.” —Peggy Luce

“Dermatone is the absolute best protection from the elements.” —Stacy Allison

“Dermatone sun lotion was fantastic for the full range of conditions we experienced on Mount Everest. Dermatone is the foundation of sunscreens for Himalayan expeditions.” —Geoff Tabin

Peggy Luce and Stacy Allison—with climbing partner Geoff Tabin—are the first American women to summit Mount Everest (29,032 feet).

Mike Libecki

“On my expeditions around the world to seek out untouched and unclimbed walls and mountains, it seems most of the places I end up are in the Arctic and Antarctica. The sun shines 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and reflects in every direction off the frozen ocean and ice cap. The sun becomes your enemy. Thanks to Dermatone, the sun has become my friend for capturing images and video without having to worry about being burned to death.”

Mike Libecki is an alpinist, creator, and restless explorer who travels the world documenting his adventures at the edges of the world.

Sven Brunso

“I've been around the globe in search of endless winter. During my travels, I'm constantly battling the elements. Frigid temperatures, snow, and wind constantly test my gear. I choose Dermatone because it always protects me from the elements. From the intense sun of the Andes to the bitter winds of the Alps, Dermatone has never let me down. That's why Dermatone is the only sunscreen I’ll ever use.”

Sven Brunso is known as “the hardest working man in snow business.” For more than two decades, he’s traveled the globe to ski for the world’s best photographers, making first descents in the Alps, Iceland, and the Republic of Georgia.

Andy Lapkass

“I just wanted to say thanks for your support over so many expeditions, even though most of the time you didn’t know what a valuable service you were providing me.”

Andy Lapkass, a longtime teacher at the American Avalanche Institute, has summitted a number of 8,000-meter peaks, including Everest, and works as a ski patroller at Breckinridge.

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