• 10 Gifts For The Friend Who Never Lets Cold Weather Stop Her Sweat

    Story by By Michelle Guerrere (as seen on

    This year has changed our perspectives on lots of things: where we live, how we work, our hobbies (bring on those sourdough starters!). But thankfully, one thing that hasn't changed is our close friendships. With the holidays inching closer, we're all starting to reimagine the type of gifts we'll be buying for those special people who’ve kept us going in 2020.

    Enter: the active friend. Whether she’s a runner, hiker, or even routine lunchtime walker (yes, it’s a thing!), we all know that person who always gets her outdoor workout on no matter the forecast. She craves this me time more than anything and needs gear that makes sure nothing gets in the way of her personal best. (Full Story Below)